Light makes you blind

Light makes you blind. You ask how? Well, I can explain. If you are looking for a red box in a room and the room is dark, you know the right thing to do is to be very meticulous in your search and check every box under the right light. But if the room is full of light and then you can see a red box straight away, you just go in pick the red box you saw and go out without checking whether the red box you saw was the red box you are looking for. In another case, the light in the room may not be the usual white light and so what is brown looks red and what is red looks yellow. The interesting thing is that you will pick the wrong box without being aware that you have the wrong box. A mistake that can almost never happen if the room was dark and you brought your own light.

The best way to hide something is to hide it in an open place. Nobody who is looking for a hidden secret will go and search somewhere he already can see everything in there. So, hide it in an open place and give the onlooker the impression that he has seen everything where it is so that there will be no reason to search that place. I remember a case of some people looking for a laptop in a room and they searched and searched until they were worn out. When the room owner came, it turns out the laptop was on the bed with the blanket scattered over it. The people searching saw the blanket and the bed very clearly and hence were blinded by what they saw. If the room was dark, they probably wouldn’t have taken any chances and checked under the blankets.

Darkness over a matter is better than light except if the light is your own. The light of the matter (which is not yours) has a 99% chance of being deceptive. Knowledge is light. What have you heard about a matter? When you just sit down and allow someone to tell you about something and you just swallow everything up just like that, you are being deceived. Even if what they say is true, you ought to do your own research and findings to assure yourself of the truth. Of course, you cannot do this for every information you hear but you can do it for every information that comes to you that you have to make decisions on. Don’t let your decisions be made from what they told you it is. Seek out the information for yourself and be open to learn. This is a very important life lesson.

A lot of people have lost faith in God because of ignorance of this simple lesson. They were told something by someone that is perhaps about God and they just swallowed it like that without searching it out whether it is really the way they heard it. Nothing seems wrong at first but then life situations brings the ugly tide and then they discovered that what they are told is not exactly the way they perceived it to be. At that point, learning afresh is very difficult and the reality of the situation brings out the worst attitude of them towards God and many other things. Lots of people are angry with God because they don’t understand him. The problem is that they thought they understood God when things were going fine but when problems came they discovered they didn’t at all. So, whose fault is it? Yours! You should have gone back to study further what you heard from the preacher.

Learn to be noble. This is the 21st century. Bibles are available and affordable everywhere in numerous languages, don’t assume you know something you don’t. Study for yourself. Check whatever you hear. Prove all things, hold on to those things you find to be true. You will live on what you know, not on what someone told you.

Think on this.  


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