Why is life so difficult?

In many stories I encounter of people, there is this question that comes staring out loud of it. The question is – why is life so hard? Or why is life so difficult? I have an answer. The reason why life is hard and difficult for a lot of people is because they were inadequately prepared for life from their tender age. They were deceived about life and then grew up with that deception, only to find the reality worlds apart from their thought. In school, kids are not taught how society works yet they tell the kids to start making choices of responsibility. There is so much misinformation in the world and that is what wrecks people’s lives. I assure you if you knew that the world was the way you see it now 10, 20, (and for some) 30 years ago, you would have taken a different path and at least you won’t have this problem that you are currently facing. But they told you about the wonders you would perform as an engineer, they didn’t tell you about the crazy deadlines, they didn’t tell you about the nagging boss, they didn’t tell you about the sleepless nights, they didn’t tell you about not having enough quality time with your family, they didn’t tell you about business failures, they didn’t tell you what happens if there’s no contract, they didn’t tell you about what you’ll have to cover up, exaggerate and withhold.

Life comes as a surprise. All of a sudden you realize how much it costs you to have a simple life. Comfort becomes a goal. How did it get this bad? The worst of it all, you now have kids and they are heading down the same tunnel. You could warn them but you are too busy trying to stay alive. Using health to pursue wealth and then later use the wealth to struggle to get a grasp of the failing health. I once taught about it that people who die shouldn’t be mourned, instead people should jealous them. It’s like they’ve escaped, and we are still here. So what do we do, what happens now?

It makes no sense to me to live just to postpone the day you will die. I mean, why live and suffer for 67 years if you can just die far earlier without having to suffer much. Which boils down to the question – why am I here? What am I doing in this world? Why are you here? You are not here by accident. You are not here by chance. I don’t believe in evolution. That’s because I don’t believe something that stupid will come about me. I am too much to be a product of chance and happenstance. Some people can claim they are descendants of gorillas but ask yourself the question, do you think you are? Man is not an higher animal, the physical body is the higher animal. You are not a physical body. You are not a physical being. There is a reason for your life. You are more than what they tell you and train you for in school. You are something special. There is a reason for your life. The one who brought you here, who put you in your physical body, wasn’t gambling. God needs you.

I wish I had a school where I can teach these things (and I know I will get one very soon). When I see people who think they are the intelligentsia of the day predict the future, I know they have no idea about what’s coming. This knowledge is coming out like a volcano and it’s going to change the world forever. The day is coming and it gets closer and closer each day. It is inevitable, nothing can stop it. The days of religion is getting over, it’s time for life in its essence to be uncovered.

Why is life so hard for you? It’s because you don’t know what you have access to, what you have and what life really is. Knowledge changes everything.


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