The difference between losers and winners

When it comes to winning in life, lots of people do not understand how. People decide on actions without considering how it affects the course of their life over the long term. Life is not straightforward the way they make it look like in school. Many times people get out from school and expect life to be the way school has been – smooth, straight and rigid. Life is dynamic and if you want to win in this dynamism, you need to learn a lot of new things. One of them that I want to talk about here is patience.

If you are going to win in life, you have to be so damn patient. Those in a hurry always miss important things. And when you look at your environment and see the speed of development, you might tempted to hasten yourself in your tracks. But in truth, life is not like that. Don’t start your life to chase after something or someone. For wise people, setback period are rooting periods. Establish a strong root system. If you look up and you see yourself high up and you are currently having a setback, start creating the root system that will uphold your height when you are set to shoot out.

A famous investor said one time that you cannot have a baby in one month by getting nine women pregnant. Winners in life are those who can wait patiently for it. And to wait patiently is to wait without complaining, to wait without anxiety, and to wait without giving up. People who can’t wait lose. God has a specific plan for every single person in the world. But majority miss out from what God has for them. The first reason for the miss out is their ignorance. The second reason is the lack of patience. Notice I didn’t say the lack of waiting.

Don’t be a loser in life, choose to be a winner. In life, it is better to act too late than to act too early.


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