God speaks to people

Just because you don’t know something or you can’t see something doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. As much as people like to say that this is a small world, the world is still a very big place. The enlightened people in the world try to think that there isn’t any information that doesn’t have a worthy expression online. But look at the facts, I don’t think any social network can boast of 1 billion active users, but there are over 7 billion people in the world. So the social network is still very short of the real world. All this is just to let you know that there are many things in the world you don’t know.

Many people get stuck and frustrated in life and in their problem cry to God for help and nothing happens. They often try to believe that God speaks to people in that situation and try to hear God but it often end in gross disappointment. This is why a lot of people are angry with God. For example, an atheist (most of them) claims to believe that God doesn’t exist but if you dig deep into the heart of such a person you will find that he believes God exist but he is angry with him (for one reason or another) and therefore, he has purposed in his heart to punish (or hurt) God by believing he doesn’t exist. Most of those who say they are atheists have trusted “God” (or whatever they think he is) and what they wanted didn’t happen and it made a serious imprint on them.

In reality, there is a God and he has a character. God has a bond. He has a code and he works by principles. God speaks to people. God speaks to me. And I have enjoyed so much benefits in life because God speaks to me. He doesn’t speak to me because I’m more special than other people, he speaks to me because I care to listen to him. He speaks to me because I care to understand him. Many people don’t care about God, they just run their lives the way they like. But when they run into trouble, now they start looking for God and I can be 90% sure than they won’t find him. Not because he hid himself but because they can’t know how or where to look. They’ll act based on the conjectures they’ve heard about him all their life.

There is a time to seek God. And that is the time when there is no pressure, when all is fine, when you are comfortable and patient. The times you are relaxed and cool, seek him and you will discover that he is not a genie beyond the clouds and space. If you sit down to understand God, you will be planting yourself on a firm solid rock. So when circumstances of life comes and difficulties present itself to you, you will be firmly established and armed with the right materials to make the situation end in your favour. God can only help you through the knowledge of his word in any and every situation you are passing through.

God speaks to people. God speaks to me. God can speak to you, in fact he wants to speak with you but you have to want him and seek him with all of your heart. When you begin understanding what he has said, then you can begin hearing what he is saying.



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