Understand God

Coming into agreement with God in matters concerning life is not a hard thing. The problem a lot of people have with God is that they assume what their relationship with God is the right one. And then when problems show up they expect a relationship that they’ve not invested much into to produce for them. Things don’t work that way. If you don’t understand God, you will find life difficult especially in trying times. This is because you would expect God to do something, but the reality is that God won’t do anything.

God has a provision for mankind that if anybody gets to know and takes the advantage, it will generate an unprecedented superb life. Not that there won’t be problems at all, but the provision of God gives you the key to turning the situation around for your good. God’s system is to arm you with knowledge. He has already done something about the case of humanity and he will not do anything more. It’s up to people to rise up and understand his will, plan and word to walk according to it.

People many times choose to have a hard life. There are those who structure their lives to complain. There are those that when you see them you know they are not after any knowledge, instead they are looking for someone to blame when things go wrong. Don’t make yourself like that. If you don’t want to learn and you want to stay with the status quo, that’s fine by me but never complain out about your life’s misery.

Life becomes very easy when you understand God and the reason he created the world the way he did.


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