If there is one thing social media made us realize about the world, it is that people are more jobless than you may think. In a world where there is always movement, where there is always something happening, it’s hard for a lot of people not to fit in. And ‘bored’ is a word people use to address their state of not being involved in any activity when they are longing for one. The big thing about boredom is you want to do something but there’s nothing to do at the moment. My question is this – what made you want to do something?

It matters what you hear, see and watch. Those things determine the way your life goes. When you find people who are obsessed with activity, there is a reality in their life that they are (most likely) trying to run away from. If staying in one place, doing nothing, reminiscing over your choices and decisions is something that you can’t just do, something is wrong somewhere. To have nothing to do as activity for a long period is not a bad thing. In fact, life depends on it. You know, we live in an age where the world celebrates speed. Someone achieved xyz in his 20s, and then the information becomes something that taunts other people in their 20s. Life is not in age. Never be on a hurry for anything. Anxiety never ends anywhere good. Do what you are supposed to do but don’t overkill yourself just because you want to match up with a standard. Know your own speed in life and stick with it. Afterall, majority of those who are celebrated for one achievement or the other at tender ages end up making a mess of their life whether publicly or privately (because they haven’t learnt the maturity required).

Be careful the people you make your standards, examples and yardstick. Success is not mechanical; a lot goes into it that you don’t know. Don’t be carried away by the activity frenzy, sometimes you just need to stay bored. Sit still in boredom and think of how you can make life and the world a better place for someone else. If you are carried away by activity all the time, you will believe what the news media and the trends are saying every time. And those things don’t say the complete truth (sometimes it’s because they don’t even know what the complete truth is). And if your perception is wrong, your judgment will be wrong. If your judgment is wrong, nothing you do can be right.

In conclusion, boredom is a good thing. It makes you get curious about something you would have swallowed hook, line and sinker. Boredom is a part of life, don’t knock it out of your life. Only when are bored are you able to see things clearly without any deception. So if you have nothing to do today, don’t just arrange to go out with friends. Lay there and reflect. You need these moments.

Activity (depending on what it is) can add or remove from your life – boredom can’t remove but can add through inspiration.


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