Changing voices

Depression is not a good thing. Hearing voices of defeat and woe in your head is not a sound thing. Do you want to keep these things or you want to rise above it? This blog is all about making progress in life. If you don’t intend to make progress in life, you are not going to like this. When it comes to making progress, you have to do something you have not done before. If you keep doing what you’ve been doing and what you know and expect something different, you are only deceiving yourself. So, why don’t you listen, learn and act in accordance to what you just learnt.

What you listen to is very important. People are not physical bodies, people are made up of information. You are a victim because of the information you have that has made up who you are now. If your experience doesn’t line up with what you expect, then you should strongly consider changing who you listen to. Now you might not be aware of who exactly you are listening to, but if you take a critical look at your life through the day you should recognize something. You need to connect yourself to a channel of good news, not the woeful thing you hear everyday from TV, coworkers, neighbours, etc. If you don’t change what you listen to, your life will remain the same.

I don’t want to force anybody on you because there are a lot of people with good words on audio media, podcast, etc., that you can give your ears to. This may seem quite unrelated to the problem but it is where the solution is. If you have nightmares, play the audio and put the volume at a comfortable point where you can hear clearly and it’s not disturbing your sleep. This is where freedom begins from. Take advantage of the good people in your generation speaking words of life. You won’t have to search for long before you find one that you can bond with that will turn your favourite.

What created a problem will not solve it. The solution is always something different.


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