Who is gaining something by your living?

What makes life worth living? Is it the properties you own, the country you live, the job you have, or what is it? You have to believe that a man’s life does not consist in the abundance of things he possesses. The things you have do not make you relevant. If without a particular thing you are useless, then you have set yourself up for many heartaches. Being relevant has to do with the quality of your person. But for life to be worth living, one has to go farther than that.

Many people are captivated by city life and they just get themselves into the mix of it. Their problem is not the city, their problem is the misinformation about the city. So many live lives that amount to nothing in cities, living from hands to mouth like a domestic animal in a wild environment. This causes things like depression because it makes life lose its essence. Living today to get the ability to survive tomorrow. The essence of life is not in what you do or how important what you think your job is, instead it is in this – who is gaining something by your living?

This is one of the reasons that drive a lot of people crazy for children. They want someone or some people to be beneficiaries of what they’ve done or what they are doing. Since all most care about is money, and forget the impact they are having on other people. So the kids form a viable excuse to stick with doing that which has no purpose (but sure has payments). My challenge to you today is to think about what you do as work, what effect is the work having on those on the receiving end of what you do? What makes life worth living is when someone else that is unrelated to you is gaining something by what you do.

Think on this today – someone unrelated to you must be gaining something from your life by what you do. This is what makes life count. This is the beginning of relevance. This is what makes you more healthy not less sick.


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