The power of purposeful act of giving

If you don’t like where you are in life and you want a change, your desire is a good thing. Don’t let anybody talk you into accepting the status quo. Don’t let them make you embrace your problems and imperfections as part of your life. If you don’t like it and you want it out of your life, it can go. And it will have to go if you set your heart and mind on removing it totally out of your life. There is no way you are that is natural. I wrote a post one time titled ‘It’s not natural’, and the things I talked about there was very enlightening about the human person. Nothing about you is natural and cannot be changed. You learnt everything you know. It’s those things you learnt unconsciously as a child that you grow with that you call natural. All I’m trying to say is, you can change anything about yourself and your life.

There are things that you can’t just unlearn and remove out of your life. You have to find something to replace them before they can truly be out of your life for good. There are other things that will not leave your life until and unless you change your lifestyle, especially the places you go to. There are some things however that just learning a new thing will erase their presence. It is just as the ones that get replaced. One of those kinds of new things is what I want to show you today. I call it the deliberate act of purposeful giving.

There is a difference between donation and giving. Giving touches you as the giver, donations do not really affect you as the donor. The donor can continue his life the way it is before after donating. But the giver feels something is gone after giving. The giver feels it, what he gives affects him. The giver feels the loss of what he has given. The donor doesn’t. The secret of life here is giving purposefully, deliberately. If this is the only thing you learn to do from here, it’s fair by me. Giving is the key to life. It will bring to you things beyond your wildest dreams. When you give, you open your hands to be filled. And you will find things you hope for fill your hands and life.

There is nothing giving cannot bring into your life. It can bring prosperity, health, wholeness, attitude change etc. It can even change the state of your body (that is, make it look younger and fresher), if you allow it. Learn giving. Giving is always hard if you’ve not been doing it before. But when you begin, and do it with the whole of your heart in sincerity, it will bring pleasure beyond comparison into your life. There is no condition, whether medical or spiritual that it cannot bring you out of. For some things, it’s not the direct answer but it will sure lead you into the direct answer. Purposeful giving can never be a wrong thing to do if you do it without any ulterior motive (meaning, without expecting something in return).

The power of purposeful giving is not in the size of what is given, it is in the heart of the giver


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