changing your life

Today, I’m looking at the question – how can a man change his life? It’s very simple and it takes the calm to understand it. You are what you know. Have you ever thought about it? You are your knowledge. When a person loses their memory maybe because of an accident or sickness, their loved ones feel hurt like they are dead and even much more than the hurt because they are still alive but cannot relate to who they were to people around them. The information you carry makes up you. You work where you work because of what you know how to do. If you don’t know anymore, they can’t have you continue working there. You are what you know.

So, having established that fact, you will realize that changing your life is not about changing your geography. If you  are known as something in a certain country and you carry that knowledge of yourself elsewhere, life will be the same for you. On a general basis, people in every community react the same to knowledge. The real change to your life occurs when you change what you know. This is the principal reason (or should I say, excuse) why people go to school. They want to change what they are known to be. But going to school is just a narrow conclusion or narrow way to look at things. By yourself, on your own you can change what you know by learning something new, different and edifying. Learning is free and comes without a cost, it is certificate that comes with a cost. People go to school not merely to learn but to get a certificate that is recognized by the world system. But you can sit down on your own and learn anything.

The third aspect of changing your life follows the other two. After you have known something new that your life can be based on, you need to prove to the world (that is, your world) that you are a custodian of a new knowledge. You need to make yourself known by your new knowledge. People need to know you by this knowledge that you have just added into your life. If the knowledge is strong and encompassing enough, it will totally erase what people previously thought about you. Not that they won’t remember what they used to think, but the thought will be completely swallowed up by who you have now revealed yourself to be.

There is no excuse for your life to remain stagnant. In simple words to change your life, first change what you know (that determines how you are known) by learning something new. Then, let your world (people around you) see the new thing you can now do because of what you now know (that is, be known for something different). That simply can make all the difference.

Permanent change comes from knowledge


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