That dream does not exist

I discovered that a lot of people have their lives designed mentally by an incorrect information. This time it is not an incomplete information but an incorrect information. The dream you have of your adult life in this world, what shaped it? People say they want to be one thing or another in responsibility in the society. That’s not what I’m talking about here. Have you ever heard someone say that he wants a nice, cool and quiet life? You know, just me and my family living in simple luxury enjoying ourselves by ourselves for ourselves (meaning, no disturbance or interruptions from the outside world). Some would say, they want to have a cute family where they can travel and vacation around the world. The mentality is, just us, only us. Their dream is to live a calm and quiet life. And they believe it’s real as they walk into it by their decisions in life. But I’m here to tell you that any and every dream in this format does not exist.

Which part of it is the lie? The “just us” mentality like your immediate family will live absent to the world and everything happening in it. The part of it that says “calm”, because if you don’t know how to walk on raging storms in life, you are in for a tough time. Life is not going to be cool, calm and gentle. That will happen in heaven, not in this world. So if you think your life will go on smooth and calm, you are deceiving yourself. You better start learning to walk on hot coals. The challenges are only going to get bigger. If you will be calm in life, it’s going to come from inside you. And if you think you can escape, I feel sorry for you because when the challenges of life catch up with you it will devastate you. The sea ahead of you is not calm.

Plan your life to solve problems, not just to enjoy solutions. If you get in an airplane for example, you are enjoying a solution someone created. Airplanes didn’t fall from the sky. The blueprints for the planes didn’t appear on someone’s table one morning. People like you created it. If you come and enjoy what they’ve created without thinking of solving a problem too, life will be terribly awkward for you. True recognition comes by solving a problem. All those who are getting famous for stupidity and stupid reasons are there as media pawns. Some people create new problems so that what they have can be relevant. But in real life, the harm they are doing shows louder than the value they seem to be adding. So, brace yourself up for the future and think of the problem you will solve, not the solution you will enjoy.

The dream of a life without problems does not exist. What you can do is to choose the kind of problem you want.  


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