How not to go to hell

I heard a song a few years ago. A popular music rap artiste said this, ‘I made Jesus Lord so I ain’t going to hell’. Of course, that sure gets people like me curious. I’m not questioning the sincerity of the man, whether he meant what he said or he was just saying it for music sake. What I’m not sure of is if he understands what he said. Someone says the criteria for heaven is making Jesus the Lord of your life. But that is a very narrow perspective. There are two basic places in the immediate afterlife. The first is heaven where God is and the other is hell where the devil is. Where a person goes after death in this world is where the one who was Lord of his life in this world is. This means if Jesus was Lord of your life you go where he is, and if the devil was Lord of your life you go to meet him. That is pretty oversimplified just for you.

My discourse now is with one word, ‘Lord’. What does it mean for Jesus or the devil to be Lord of a person’s life? Let’s get real. When a person is called the Lord of a place, what does it mean? Being the Lord of a place is not merely a title, it is a position of ultimate authority. Meaning that whatever the person says is what happens. Now because of democracy, many people are losing touch of the true understanding of lordship. For example, the president of the USA is not the Lord of the USA. The president cannot dictate for the country, everything he wants to do has to go down the right channels and his efforts can be grossly frustrated by the senate. Likewise the prime minister of Britain, and chancellor of Germany etc. But the crowned prince (or king) of Saudi Arabia is a lord. Let’s take another example, in the court of law, the judge is referred to as ‘my lord’. Why? It’s because the judge holds the final word on the matter in the court. The lawyers may disagree with the judge but they do not dare to speak or act contrary to the judge’s verdict. The judge has the undisputed final say  that must be effected. That is why the judge is called lord.

Now back to the original matter, the Lord of your life is the one you obey with your life. Your life (meaning, your everyday living) is a response to the verdict of someone. If it is not God, then it is to hell’s advantage. Of course, making Jesus Lord of your life begins with a confession sincerely from you but it doesn’t stay there. God cannot be fooled. It’s like saying you want to lose weight and you have committed yourself to jogging a certain distance every morning. Now, you wake up, stay indoors and convince yourself that you have jogged. Who are you deceiving? Only you!

As for the musical artiste, I don’t know him. But I believe he wants to do that which is right. That’s because he could have said anything in that line and he chose to say that. Or maybe he was trying to appeal to some group of people, I don’t know. But I’d love to know him personally so that his life can be according to his word (if he really meant it). But as for you, if you say sincerely that Jesus is Lord of your own life and you really live like it to the best of what you know, you can’t be in hell. But there is so much more to life than not going to hell.

Your journey in life is not determined by how rough the road is, rather it is determined by the knowledge (that is, the vehicle) you are using to ply the road.


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