Getting proactive about life

The world has not been fair to people. People are taught fear from their tender ages through school. There is a difference between teaching with fear and teaching fear. Kids at a very young age need to be taught some things with fear. And that is the essence of disciplinary actions which have been made illegal in some countries. Teaching fear on the other hand is something that is indirect. Boldness is a very important part of life. When I read stories of people that have made remarkable things happen in this world, I see many times a moment of boldness. And that is something that is not taught in school. If you give someone the idea to do such a thing, you’ll get the answer ‘am I supposed to do that?’

Life requires taking bold steps. Most importantly, steps that are not by the books. Not that the steps are illegal, but they are completely out of comfort. If you want to get sound, remarkable results in your life, you need to get proactive about life. Be bold. Do bold things. Go to places you’ve not been before. Talk to people you’ve not talked to before.

Someone once said, your network is your net-worth. If you want to change your value and relevance in real life, add better people to the people in your life. Those people will not come and enter your mind while you are in your room. You will have to go out to meet them. Most of the time, you will have to start the conversation. Be bold. That top executive you see almost everyday at the store, start a conversation with him. You can even go strategic by first connecting with his kids or wife which may be easier before you get to your target. It’s not that the person will turn your dust to gold or will give you what you lack, no! The relationship is what you need. Just having an acquaintance who is a top executive can give you a lot of things. You might get the boldness and access to go to a place of opportunity, you might get opportunities, you might get rare information, you can get access to a friend of his that can be of tremendous help to you. Anything can happen. Don’t set your mind to anything in particular but be ready to maximize anything you get. And make sure you are as ready to be of sincere help also.

Changing the circumstances of your life has to do with getting proactive. If you don’t get that bold, life will continue the way it has always been. Your life depends on the people you allow into your life. You can bring anybody into your life. If you are in a tight corner in your life today, make up your mind to add one person (one goodly person) into your life every 15 days. It’s a challenge. Are you willing to take it?

Add one goodly person into your life every 15 days. If you do this you will have added at least 8 goodly people before the end of the year.


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