It’s never too late to be right

Going faster on a wrong road doesn’t make it right. Going slower doesn’t change the destination either. If the road is wrong, the destination cannot be right. It doesn’t matter how far you have gone on the wrong road, it is never too late to make the turn. In fact, the earlier you make the turn the better for your life. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been on the wrong road, it’s never too late to be right. Don’t say you can’t make the change. Be true to yourself before you are true to something else.

Even if you have spent 50 years of your life on the wrong thing, the day you see clearly that you are in the wrong, be true to yourself and make the switch. Don’t be bound to things. Discover the things that are true and hold on to them. Maybe you are in the wrong today and you don’t know how it is wrong, look at life (the expectations of life) and prove what you do whether it is consistent with the purpose of life.

What is the purpose of life? On a general level, the purpose of life is to be of purposeful relevance to the life of someone else. If you have seen another person, never say you don’t know what to do with your life. It’s the reason they hired you in your workplace – you know something you can do that is relevant to them. It’s why your business is thriving – you produce something that your customers need or want (and can afford). Relevance is the key to living. Check all what you believe today, check all what you stand for, is it consistent with this? If your life does not positively affect another person’s life, what are you living for?

Live, don’t exist


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