Things that precedes favour

Life is sweet where there is constant progress. Frustration is the story of those who want progress but they seem edged out every time they try to push forward. There are many ways to get ahead in life. There are the bad and dishonorable ones like lying, cheating, blackmailing etc. And they are those you would see magnified in the media today. Of course, they think it’s just entertainment but the truth is that people are getting educated through those things. Also there are the cunny and subtle (plus wicked) ones like seduction, power play etc. And those are just like the first set. Beyond that, there are also the weak and submissive ones like pleasing people, begging etc. And also there is the traditional way which is hard work and sweat. And finally, there is the good and remarkable way and it is characterized by favour.

There is nothing like favour. Favour is when you are chosen for something (when it could have gone many ways away) and you did nothing actively to deserve it. Favouritism is different from favour. Favouritism is when you are chosen for something to which you are not qualified (or display qualities to take up the responsibility) and there are people who are qualified who are overlooked and you are chosen based on a selfish reason known to you and the choser. Favour is not favouritism and everybody can see the difference when they decide to be honest. Favour is an important key in making progress in life. One of the reasons I love favour so much is that it gives you the ability to favour others. Only people that were favoured favour others. People that achieved what they achieved by sweat find it extremely difficult to favour others. They always want the coming generation to go through what they went through. Favour doesn’t mean the absence of the necessary pathway of success, it just puts the cherry on the cake (in the end).

Knowing all that, I know you prefer favour but the question now is, how can there be a certainty in line of favour? There are things that precedes favour. The first I’ll mention is favour. If you want favour to flow to you, then let favour flow from you. Favour is a spirit. If you embrace it towards others, it will embrace you also. The second is honour. People you honour tend to favour you. Honour is not something you have towards people above you alone. Honour is recognizing the value in people and respecting them for it. The third is recognizing and celebrating the favours you have enjoyed. And the fourth is talking about the favours you have enjoyed to the hearing of others (in a dignified way).

Success is sweet with favour


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