what have you decided to try?

Life is filled with stories of triumph and weakness. It matters what story you are into. What story do you see the story of your life evolving into? Be honest with yourself. The good news is this – if it’s not the story you want, you can change it. Life is not about what happened to you, rather it’s about what you made happen. One decision can change your life for ever. So my question for you is what have you decided to try? I can understand if you say you don’t know how to do any new thing. That is why I am asking you that what have you decided to try? If you don’t try it, you’ll never know you can do it. So we can say that your progress in life is dependent on the new things you are willing to try.

Have you gone to somewhere you’ve not been before? Have you met someone you’ve not met before? You may think these things are not important, and they seriously are. Are you tired of where you are? So what are the things you have made up your mind to do to go forward? Going forward in life is a deliberate action. Decide to try something. Decide to do something. Never be afraid of making mistakes. Listen, you will make mistakes and you have to make allowances to make up for those mistakes. But don’t let the mistakes you make stop you. Another thing is the fear of embarrassment. If you are proactive about life, at one point or the other something that seems like an embarrassment will occur but you must learn how to turn such situations around. Don’t let the fear of embarrassment keep you from making progress in life. Think well about anything you want to do and be fully persuaded in your heart concerning your actions before you do it. Then, you go ahead and do it.

You can’t (of course) force success, but you can bait it


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