How life works

Only if people are taught the truth of how life works from childhood, many problems in life would be avoided. The way life works is very simple but the ignorance of it breeds death. People find life hard because they misprepare for life. No matter where you are in life today, I believe it’s not too late for you to come up the right understanding.

The basic principle of life is that of giving and receiving. This means you give and then you receive. In life, you have to have something to give. That is your lifeline. That is what people will recognize you as. Nobody recognizes anybody for looks, eloquence etc. All those who exercise their relevance that way are playing on the ignorance of the general public and their heyday will soon be over. True recognition of relevance is via the problem you can solve. What do you have to give? What problem can you solve? That’s the basic question of life.

The system that is run in most countries doesn’t really work based on giving and receiving. That’s because they cannot have a system that can accurately prepare people for a life of giving, so they work a system called jobs and payments. But that has not changed the way life is, and that is why their economy runs into problems from time to time. An economy that supports irresponsibility on the part of people will surely come to ruin. I love what the bible says that one that is not working shouldn’t eat. I know someone is thinking, what if there’s no job? That is exactly my point. Life’s system is giving and receiving not jobs and payments. They don’t have to pay you, in fact, you shouldn’t be in it for the money at first. Whatever you cannot do knowing that you won’t be paid is not worth doing. Not that you’ll do it for free because you really don’t know what can (and what will) come to you from what you do.

I’ve seen people who have strong businesses today who said they began what they do in small ways without any charge. The interesting thing is that they were eventually paid for all those things they did without charge earlier. Nothing good starts with money up front. It has to start first then money will join the party as time goes on. You first give and keep your hands open to receive. That’s how life works. Don’t let money blind you from life’s true system. There was a time there was no money and people were living together. Money is a man-made invention and it is a good one. But money is not the key to all of life. Money is just a tool, giving is the key. Think about these things.

Plan your life to give


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