Busy doing what?

Busy is not always a good thing. It is good when what you are doing is purposeful, enjoyable and at the right time. But when anyone (or more) of the qualities that makes it good becomes missing, it is not just bad, it’s a problem. The opposite of busy is not idle as the dictionary would probably say. You can be involved in work and not be busy. Actually, busy is very subjective. Someone can give you a call and they get the response that you’re busy while another person gives you a call at the same time (with you doing the same thing) and you’ll say you’re not busy. To be busy is not to have the time to look into something else (that you consider less important than what you are currently doing).

My question now is this – what are you doing that you’ve not sat down to take action towards the advancement of your life? You’ve probably heard ideas and concepts that you can do that can take your life forward. Have you done any? If you haven’t, why? What were you busy doing? Is it as important as that which takes your life forward? If you already have a plan and schedule concerning these things, that’s great. But if you haven’t thought about it, you really should. Thoughts along this line in posts are under the category called Action point. Don’t be too busy to take your life forward, especially if you are stuck in a point and you desperately need a way out. Those actions may not mean much today, but 10 years from now when you look back, they will mean everything.

If you don’t take your life forward, it won’t go forward by itself


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