For the good of all mankind

If everybody is doing what you are doing, what will the world be like? That is my question today. Let me give another perspective to it. If someone else you’ve not met before is doing what you are doing (looking at what you do from a general public perspective), how would you see the person (honestly)? Can you imagine that for a second, that’s how a lot of people (not everybody) think of you. If the thought is good and satisfactory by you then, that’s nice. But if you see the thought as something you really don’t want to be associated with or you by any means got defensive in your words or thought towards what you do, then it’s not good enough.

What keeps a lot of people bound in degrading work (or work that they are not supposed to be doing) is the money deception of a good life. It’s a generally accepted notion that with money, you can have a good life. Money can get you anything you want (even people) – that is the mentality. So the goal is to get money or make money. And there is a problem with that model, it wrecks lives. People who have a lot of money today (or excess money) did not start their lives thinking of how to make money. Instead they thought of how to make life easier and better for other people. The problem is that people who claim to have much money through the media really do have very little. I once heard something interesting that if you ever see a celebrity on a mega-yacht, it’s on lease and it is actually a billionaire (aka someone who can afford it) that owns it. I have known it for a long time that people who flaunt wealth around don’t actually have much, people who have much may spend lavishly but they always are not trying to show (or show off).

For the good of mankind, be involved in something purposeful in your life. Think about what life will be like if everybody is doing what you are doing. Don’t defend yourself, be honest. I’m letting you know this because I believe you can choose to do something else and be just as successful as you are now or even more successful because of the right perspective to relevance.

What makes the world beautiful is when everybody is doing what they are supposed to do (not when everybody is making money)


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