How life makes sense

People usually look for excuses or avenues to make purposelessness seem purposeful. Many grow up to a point and then begin to question the essence of life. That is not a bad thing at all, the problem is that they are asking the right question at the wrong time. When a man is still totally clueless about the purpose of life at 50, it’s a big problem. It’s like the whole 50 or let’s say 35 years of his life has been wasted. And you know, life doesn’t get wasted just like that. The wasted years naturally picks up junks that the man drags with him through the rest of life. So the problem of such a man at 50 is not the fact that he is advanced in age or wasted years behind, the major problem is that he’s got 35 years (or even above) of junk quantity and quality attached to his life.

I see many people try to make meaning of life out of trivial things like laughter, kids, memories etc. I usually feel so sorry for such people. I could only wish they know what I know. There is a reason for life. You did not create yourself. You did not bring yourself into this world. Your parents brought a baby into this world, they had no idea it was going to be you. Someone brought you here and he has a reason for doing so. Ask yourself, do you seem like something that just happened or you believe it takes a conscious and deliberate effort to come up with you. I believe I was carefully designed to precise specifications. And someone is always responsible for that. There is one thing about nature and things that happen by nature, it is never organized. Whenever and wherever you find organization, someone is responsible. An intelligent being is responsible.

Life makes no sense without knowing the author of life. God is a general name and anybody can call anything God based on what they believe. But this one I talk about has revealed himself to mankind. Don’t let anybody tell you his story and make you feel that’s all about it and there’s nothing more to it. That’s because there is a lot more to him. The more you know him, the more there is to know. And I have discovered that he is the only one that matters in the world. When you understand him better, you understand life better because he is the author of life and the way life in the world is today is no surprise to him. If he is truly God and he is truly God, he knows the future and your future. Knowing and understanding him changes everything. His name is JESUS.

Only one thing matters in the world


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