You are training your body

In a previous post titled ‘you are not a physical body’, I explained that your physical body is not you rather it is the house that you live in this world. Your body is what makes you have a right as a living being in the physical world. Without your body, you are cut off from the physical world. Your body is not you, it’s like an earth suit (as compared to the space suit). You are expected to take care of your body and not to live by it. If your work or job primarily requires specifications of your physical body, then you don’t really have a work. A real work should primarily require your mind.

Going further from there, your physical body is a living thing. And it has its own desires and wants that are completely different from yours. Many people do not recognize this and hence are slaves of their physical body. Having understood this, you need to understand that your body is trained by you. Every decision you make concerning what your body tells you (meaning, what you feel like), your body is learning from it. Some people are training their bodies to be their master. It’s very simple to observe this. Let’s make an example with food. There is a difference between being hungry and when you just feel like eating. Have you seen people who are not hungry at all but they just have a craving for pizza. And they must eat pizza, so they find every means to get one and eat. The person is not the one asking to eat pizza, it’s the person’s body. The problem is that if the person takes it as a rule to satisfy their craving every time like that, the day they try not to or they cannot get what they crave, their bodies will throw them a violent protest.

The way your body reacts to you is the way you trained it. Some people cannot stay without food till 1pm without having severe headaches, stomach trouble, pains in the joints etc. That’s their body protesting on them that it has to get what it wants. That’s because the body has been trained as a master over the person. Meanwhile, some of us can purposefully go without food for over 18 hours before the body starts whimpering complaints. The way your body behaves is the way you trained it to behave. It’s interesting how your body can misbehave if you care too much for it.

If you have a body that seems to be controlling you, you don’t turn the tables overnight on it. You have to remember that if your body throws in the towel, you are forcefully out of this world. So you make the change gradually. The same way you tame a wild animal, you tame your body. You must gradually extend its tolerance limits. This is important because you may (most likely) come across challenges in life outside the tolerance limit of your body. How you have trained your body will go a long way to determine whether you live or die.

Govern your body, don’t let your body govern you


2 thoughts on “You are training your body

  1. So true. This should qualify as front page news around the world. Imagine the headline: “You Are Not a Physical Body!” I might just start reading the paper again, if they would print the truth.

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    1. You are right. But the news media won’t do that because they are not the ones supposed to. It’s the one that knows the truth that has to make the truth known. I have plans to take these words, facts and teachings beyond the blogging platform to wider and more open media platforms in days, weeks, months to come. And I’m open and expectant for opportunities. So relax, this will be big.

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