Being sober ??

For most people after deciding to stay off things that wreck their minds (and soul) and keep to that decision in trying to pick up some responsibility about their life, they refer to themselves as sober. How that word accurately describes their state of being is the issue I’m thinking of here. Being sober is not being responsible. Being sober is not an opposite of a crazy, upside down sense of mental health. If you can recall very well from a previous post, it was established that habits are not broken rather they are replaced.

There is something about the word ‘sober’ that means passive. If you are active towards death, the opposite of that is not to be passive towards death. Don’t shortchange your life. True life is available, don’t bury yourself while you are still alive. Don’t let your plan be to become sober, if you’ve been active towards death, you can make the switch to become active about life. There is a purpose for your life, and it is your responsibility to find out. Getting fired up about the reason for your being is the state you should aim for. Don’t aim to be passive, don’t aim to be sober. Don’t aim to be ordinary. Walk in the steps of greatness. You may never be known for your greatness but the fulfillment you will get in it as a person is beyond expression.

Don’t look for how to get sober or what will make you sober, rather look for what will spark up true life inside you


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