Make yourself useful to someone else

Life is all about being useful to someone else. If you are not being useful to another person in deed, life will be empty for you. Being useful is not showing sympathy or empathy. Being useful is truly being of goodly purpose to another person. Breeding life into another person’s life, that’s what living is all about. Whatever it is about your life that is incomplete today, when you start making yourself useful to another person (especially someone of purpose) the incomplete areas begin to fill up.

Life is not about what you have. Life is not about the things you get. The things you get today are not guaranteed to be with you tomorrow. If you don’t use what you have today, it will decay without use. Life is about what you give. It’s the people whose lives you impact that talk about you in your absence in such a dignified way. Model your life to be of tangible and purposeful use to other people and even to the society at large. Don’t be known for decadence. Don’t be known for foolishness. Let thoughts that associates with you be thoughts of credibility.

Make your life useful to someone else. If you inherited lots of money and you don’t know what to do with it, let me give you an idea what to do with it. Use your money to make purposeful friends. Look for people with passionate revolutionary ideas and invest in what they do. Find people with serious causes and join them  in heart and through your finance. Nobody remembers you for what you want to do, nobody remembers you for what you are trying to do, nobody remembers you for what you intend to achieve. You will only be remembered for what you did. Make sure that you do rightly portray your intentions.

You have only one life, you can start making it count from now


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