Can all journeys be enjoyed?

There is this common idea that people often refer to when they are heading towards a particular destination. The destination is what they desire and their effort towards it is motivated by what they want to see or have in the end. But a long time is spent in the process of getting there that can almost determine whether there will still be that sense of fulfillment in the end. So it is often said that one should enjoy the journey. My question here is, can all journeys be enjoyed?

If what is meant by enjoying is that which is associated with fun and laughter, then most purposeful journeys are not really enjoyable. Some journeys are not enjoyable at all and they can be very close to dreadful. But I believe they can still be enjoyed. Many times, people don’t know where they are going in life and have no focus at all. Where the destination is not defined, it is difficult for the journey to be enjoyed. A journey to nowhere cannot be enjoyed.

On another view, achievement in life is not so much what you got because anybody can get what you got. The real achievement is how you got it. So if you aim for something and decide to go through a different path to get it, your journey will be one you will enjoy because you know where you are heading and know it’s something credible. Almost everything you can think of has been achieved by one person or the other. The challenge for this generation is to achieve the same thing or something superior by going at it from a different angle.

The destination you are heading to might be one that is common but make life dynamic for you by going at it using a different pathway. This is what makes the journey one that can be enjoyed.


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