Before failure, there was an excuse

Some people say there is no way to know whether a venture or task by them will be successful at the end. But there is a way to know. You can know that what you are about to do will be successful or not. And the way to know is not by weighing the options and making suggestive conclusions. Although success can be hard to predict, failure is very easy to predict. And zero chances of failure is a sure chance of success. So, it’s more practicable to work with failure in prediction.

Whether it’s a personal thing like losing weight or an official thing like meeting a target at the office, you can know whether you will be successful or not. First, success has to be measurable. You need to have specific goals that you will use to determine your success. Don’t base your success on what someone says, an approval or anything of such. You have to write down specific statements that you will measure your results with from the onset.

How then do you predict failure? Excuses. Success has stories, failure has excuses. The interesting thing is that the story of success is after success is achieved. But the excuse of failure comes before the failure. It’s just that many people acknowledge it after the failure. If you can spot the excuses and take them out in time, there will be nothing stopping you between you and what you want to achieve. Sometimes there are excuses that just has to have their way in interrupting you. What you do in those kinds of cases is to make up for it in a big way. With this you can actually know that success is certain at the end for you.

Remember, zero chances of failure is the surety of success


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