Something for the one aspiring to be very rich

​There are many ways to look at things. Unfortunately the way the society works gives a very misdirected view of things. I’m not sure whether that is purposeful or accidental. For those still in the dark, let me bring it down. The house you grew up in, what was it to you? What is its value in your eyes? When you look at the house, what do you see? The house will be an information, a principal part of your story. The house you grew up in, especially if you have happy memories in there, will have a special place in your heart. Even if the house gets destroyed many years later, it still seems quite golden to you. Now, ask your parents what they think of the same house.

Where someone calls home, another person calls 22 million. It’s the same building, the same location, one person looks and smiles because of the many memories, another looks and grins because of the financial implications of what it is. That on one side. I saw a writing the other day that states Bill Gates is worth certain billions in dollars and can afford to give 10 dollars to every human on the planet. This is the picture the finance world paints to people whether they know it or not when they magnify beautiful creations in monetary terms. Bill Gates is the co-founder of Microsoft, look at the world he has created, look at how his creation and invention has affected the world.

I have this thing I do at my leisure time while in school, and that is to look into Forbes to see the people classed as richest in the world. I can say I have studied that list a lot. I know when someone is there for a vacation and I know when someone comes there to stay. There is something about true billionaires – they move society forward. If Bill Gates is living an extremely lavish life today, he’s worth it. He has taken society forward, pioneering the age of software. What about the Google guys, they might call them billionaires because they count what they have in money, but the truth is that they have revolutionized the internet forever. Not stopping at the incredible search engine, they went ahead to bring android to the world which is an incredible blessing. So if they have 16 jets, please let them enjoy it. Let us celebrate remarkable people that has made a mark in the society for their creations and inventions, not for the money someone is telling us they have.

The way net worth is calculated is very funny to me. Do you know that you can be running 4 businesses in one year and be rated 14 million and the next year be running 6 businesses and be rated 7 million? Every year the worth of Bill Gates changes on Forbes but his life doesn’t change with it. He doesn’t work hard to influence his wealth. Of course from time to time, he invests in other things but he doesn’t determine the price of the Microsoft stock or any other stock he owns. Perhaps he sees Microsoft as his brain child but the information from the world economically makes you see the billions, not the fact that anybody from any part of the world at any time can produce a good word document, connect to the internet, and make use of any of the services Microsoft offers.

So, if you are thinking of becoming rich, becoming a billionaire, please ignore the flaunting of toys, gadget and playgrounds, think about moving society forward.


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