Worrying about tomorrow?

I get surprised when people stick to doing the same thing over and over again that doesn’t work. I mean when you did it the first time and you saw it didn’t work or make any difference, you should have stopped it. But there’s something about worrying that confuses many, they see it as a responsible thing to do. There are too many people in the world that worries – so too many. And there are people who worry so much, the doctors have labelled it a medical condition for them. But worrying is not a responsible thing to do.

Some people consider worrying to be a necessary thought process towards a problem. Some people even call it thinking. They think they are involved in constructive thinking when they are actually worrying. What is worry, and how is it different from thinking? Worrying is simply thinking about a problem or an issue whose reality is still futuristic (either very far or very close) in such a way that the reality weighs you down every time. Thinking or constructive thinking is simply channeling your mind towards generating an answer or solution. And you will find it interesting that thinking does not involve considering the problem. Worrying magnifies the problem, thinking shrinks the problem because it magnifies answers or solutions. Thinking even magnifies solutions that seem impossible above the reality of the problem.

Generally, people are programmed to worry. They don’t need to be specially trained or taught. In many cases, people get it from their parents or those around them while they were young and now they do it unconsciously. The problem here is, worrying solves nothing. Worrying is not a sign of responsibility. In fact, worrying is a sign of unplanned responsibility (which is irresponsibility). Worrying amounts to nothing good. You cannot add an inch to your height by worrying. The problem you worry about will only grow bigger. 

So then, what should you do instead of worrying? Aside from real constructive thinking (when required), make conscious effort to find out your purpose in life and live for it. If your life has a purpose and you know your everyday life is consistent with that purpose, worrying will have no grounds in your mind. And you can’t know your purpose in life without being acquainted with the author of life and his plan. This is why I created the category on this blog called ‘special’. That category contain posts that channels you on the right line of connecting with the one that makes life worth living. Don’t be in a hurry to see outward changes, just make sure you are in the right direction and you are making progress every day.

When your life is fired up by purpose, worrying becomes something you will find more and more difficult to relate to.


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