Some time at the beginning of the month, I inspired a chant of blessing towards yourself every morning. Did you do it? This is the end of the month, have you be true to doing it every day of the month? You really need to understand something. When you have a need in a particular area or you are facing a serious challenge in one area of your life, the solution will not come from fighting the problem. There is nobody that has solved a real life tangible problem by thinking the same way he thought when he got into the problem. If you don’t change your thinking, your life will not change. Your outward life is a reflection of the way you think.

Your circumstances in life is a derivative of what you say. Your words determines the course of your life. Whether or not you will suffer or enjoy through life is up to your confession. It’s important that you say the things you want to see in your life. If you don’t consciously say what you want to say, you will unconsciously say what you don’t want in life. The situations and circumstances of life are wicked enough to push those demeaning words into your mouth. So, why don’t you just do what I share with you?

The categories on this blog called ‘Action point’ contain actions I believe that if you take them will begin a chain of circumstances that will change your outward life. It’s reckoning day, and I hope you passed the unsaid test. The words will always be here, so help yourself.

If you don’t say what you want in your life, the world will put words that creates trouble and problems in your mouth


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