Why we call it the gospel

Life makes no sense until the author of life is recognized and acknowledged. I believe in Jesus and I believe his gospel. And it’s been working for me and life has been superb. But for those who will really like to believe the gospel but have difficulty understanding how it works or how accepting the lordship of Jesus will transform their life, I want to explain how the gospel works in the simplest way I can.

There is a way the human nature is naturally. There is a way it became the way it is, but that’s not for us to discuss now. The human nature naturally loves to be condemned. This is why it’s a popular idea to run societies with laws. People are curious to know how they’ll be punished and condemned in life. When they do wrong things, they expect repercussions. And then life produces the repercussions for them and they get further stuck in a rut where they’ll do another wrong (or maybe this time, something really bad) and then they expect the consequences (whether they know it or not) and it surely comes and hits them hard. Even some out of anticipation starts punishing themselves one way or the other. This begins hardship in life. It is the way people are programmed.

On the other hand if they do good things, nothing seldom comes out of it. Even if the person expects something good to come because of it, the expectation has no legal grounds and hence is very weak (compared to the expectation of consequences of bad things). The law only states how one can offend and how an offender can be punished, it does not say how someone can really be of good help or how people who did good things should be rewarded. Even if there is a reward system, it’s not as strong as a repercussions system. For example, the justice system can sentence you to jail for 23 years, but if you do something good they can’t add 23 years to your life. So this is a bad world and people are very negatively programmed in life by nature. The biggest of the issues is that what you did wrong determines the course of your life. Do many things right, it will rarely go noticed then do just one thing wrong and your whole life can crumble because of that. It’s called the power of sin. The wrong things people do determines the end result of their life.

The gospel of Jesus Christ changes all that when you allow it into your heart. It comes to reprogram your life. And in the gospel, the end result of your life is determined by the thing you do right. If you get everything about your life wrong and you can just manage to get something concerning the gospel of Christ correct, that which you got right will swallow up every thing and determine the end result of your life. In Christ, you can expect purposeful good without doing anything good to deserve it. When the good thing you expect comes to pass, you will have no choice but to express what that good has done to you. In Christ the system is, you are blessed and enriched and then given a responsibility to others out of the things you have enjoyed. The gospel gives you a firm and legal basis to expect something so too good that is beyond what you deserve. And the interesting thing is that if you walk in line with God (in faith and patience), your expectations will be grossly surpassed in the end.

What is the gospel? God sent Jesus to the world of mankind as a man to demonstrate what life is supposed to be to men. Jesus lived without any sin and pleased God completely. So God condemned him to death (according to God’s grand plan) for the sin of mankind. Jesus was perfectly righteous and no man has ever been perfectly righteous before God. So God gave Jesus to death for mankind’s sin (because the wages of sin is death). And Jesus suffered and died. And when the demands of justice was satisfied, he was raised from the dead and alive forever more as a living proof of God’s act of love towards mankind. Now because Jesus was punished for sin he did not commit, you can be rewarded for righteousness you don’t have. Jesus took your sin and you took his righteousness in God’s perspective. So, the wrong things you do really do not determine your life anymore, it’s how much you can take advantage of what is yours through what Jesus has done.

This is why I can talk the way I do. So why are people still suffering today? It’s because they don’t believe this simple thing I just explained to you. If you believe this and be bold enough to live like it, life will become sweet for you. This is the firm basis for life, that makes life sweet. And you must make sure that you renew yourself in the knowledge every day because the devil’s primary assignment is to make you start doubting it until you completely don’t believe it anymore. The gospel always has the final word where it is believed, so don’t let temporary situations sweep you off your feet.

This is a very simplified form of the true information that changes lives – believe it.       


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