Maybe blogging

​Initially, this blog was about reforming the minds of people with mental health challenges. A few observations and changes later, it became more about life and magnifying life throughout the whole human person. I took a leave to work some things in the real world but it seems I can’t ignore the challenge I see here for now. For people like me with an overwhelming vision in the real world, blogging cannot go on continuously indefinitely. Change is a constant. That is why you must make the change so as to avoid the change from making you.

I have a word of encouragement for someone; don’t let the bad things you do stop you from doing the good thing that you want to do. If you are confident that you can do something good and you are sure you are rightly positioned to do that good thing, don’t let the bad things you’ve done or even something not-so-good that you still do stop you. We are in a dispensation where you will be judged not by all the bad things you did, but by the one good thing set in your heart to do. The question the author of life will ask you at the end of time is, did you do what I set in your heart to do? It’s not going to be, why did you do all these other bad things (or even nice things)? You are not alone, God is with you. But you will never know his presence until you take advantage of it.

I’m better, greater, richer than I used to be. So from time to time, I think, maybe blogging. For those who listen, more understanding is given. And I believe there are many more things to share on this platform and those yet to come.

Peace with prosperity be with you


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