Places don’t change people …

I was among a group of people sometimes ago and they were talking about people and the changes that have happened in their lives. To be specific, they were talking about how they have been affected by university education. They were thinking of who they were before school and who they’ve become now. Then the attention shifted to a particular lady. They had almost come to the conclusion that university education makes people more civilized. And then the lady came up in the conversation. It was said that she is exactly the way she was before she went to school. In fact, they said she even got worse (and she even got bolder in her traditional lifestyle). When everybody is getting upgraded into better versions of themselves, she just was there being the same old same old. And she went in this same university that the others went and got exposure that expanded their thought and lifestyle.

There is a way people change. People don’t change by saying they have changed neither do people change by determining that they will change. You’ve probably heard it from someone before, those empty words that came out because of a situation, only to fall to the ground some days afterwards. Change is constant but you can determine the direction of your change. Places don’t change people, associations do. If you want to tell how your life is going to look like in a few years, look at the key people in your life. It’s very important. If you want to champion a change in the course of your life, you can change where you go to. But the change is only effective if you allow the people in this new place you are going to come into your world. Be careful who you let into your life. If you have friends that don’t understand lines of respect, and they make fun of your vision of the future, you will be stuck in a rut as long as you are with them. If you want to make true progress in life, you have to be more loyal to your future than you are to your past. Be faithful to your future.

There is no true vision of the future that you have that cannot be real. The question is, will you give it what it takes? Believe me, it will take something from you. And if your eyes is on today, you will never see need to make the switch. Think about tomorrow, think about your future, make the right choice concerning associations.

Peace with prosperity be with you


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