The people that disrespect you …

Many times people find themselves in a situation that is terrible. I’m talking about situations where people live in uncomfortable and hostile environments. This is very common. Your adventure in life can take you to trying places such as that. What do you do when you crave respect and you get disrespect time and time again? I made a discovery – the people that disrespect you are the people you don’t appreciate. The people you sincerely appreciate (even when you don’t feel like it) are bound to respect you. Respect is earned, respect is bought, there is no such thing as an entitlement to respect. Position can make you entitled to “respect” out of courtesy, but if you are truly going to get sincere respect, you have to buy it. The cost is simply sincere appreciation.

If the cost is too heavy a price to pay for you, then respect is too expensive for you to have. I was just thinking about it some days ago, I realized there were people around me who could disrespect me but they don’t dare to. Not because I’m scary or fearful but because I appreciate them so much, it will be a shameful thing for them to disrespect me. Learn to do well. What your life turns out to be is your making. For people who cannot dictate the people in their lives at the moment, you can use appreciation to culture the people around you. If someone you are sincerely grateful to turn against you and disrespect you in a big way, just keep your calm. At the end of the day, the one who disrespects becomes the only one to partake in the embarrassment.

I have made up my own life for ease. I’m not ready for stupidity to distract me from my course in life. Make up your mind for the quality of life you want. If someone wants to dig up something dead and buried, leave them there. You go forward with your life. It’s never too late to reach your target. The people you appreciate respects you.

Peace with prosperity be with you


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