What do you want to hear?

I am not a motivational speaker, neither am I a self-help resource person. If I share anything, it’s because I truly want to add value to the life of someone else. The basic essence of life is adding value to the life of another person. If what you are doing is not adding value to someone, it doesn’t matter how much you are paid for it, it has no future. I talk the gospel because it’s made my life awesome and has the power to make anybody’s life (no matter how wrecked it has become) worth living. I talk actions because I believe some people are so used to being stagnant, they need some push. I talk inspiration because the push is first internal. The question is, what will you rather hear?

I choose what I hear carefully. You should take serious what you hear. Not everything is good for hearing. If you have fears, they came from what you heard. You may not be able to trace it but believe me, you heard something and it is holding you hostage. Many often confuse the eagerness to engage in stupidity with fearlessness. The beauty of fearlessness is purpose. If you are liberated in life, it’s because of what you listen to. If you are apprehensive about anything, it is because of what you have heard. Many times, people listen to information drowning their lives and they keep seeking more and more of it. I know why, but that discussion is for another day. The point here is this, you have to make yourself hear the right things and stop yourself from hearing the wrong things. What you hear becomes part of your life whether you like it or not. Much more than stopping yourself from hearing the wrong things, make yourself hear the right things. Watching television is not a necessary part of life. Be wise for your own life.

One of the most important invention of today’s world is the earpiece or headset. It makes you choose what you hear. It makes you proactive about who you listen to. It makes you disconnect yourself from listening to noisemakers and audience-seeking jargons that may be in your environment at any moment. It’s a very important communication tool. If you don’t have one, I recommend you to get one and have good and positive vibes you can plug yourself to if just to cut yourself away from negative barrage of information around you.

Peace with prosperity be with you


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