Live where you are needed

There is something about this picture I find very interesting. It is the reality that a lot of young people find themselves plunged into when they make the transition from the school world to the real world. The trending idea is that when through with school, pack your bags and head for the big city hoping for a bite in the big apple. But many times (if not all the times), life doesn’t happen as expected. The excitement wanes down after a few weeks and adventure is turned to routine in months. And then the years roll by. One morning, the reality kicks in and the picture you took when you just arrived the city doesn’t look like what you see when you look in the mirror. Some would say, ‘life happened’, but I would say, ‘you decided’.

When choosing a place to “settle down” or mark as your base, there are many things to put into consideration. Don’t let circumstances make the choice for you. For you to enjoy fulfillment in life, you have to be deliberate in your decisions. It’s good to be wanted, it’s great to be chosen but the greatest of all is to be needed. Live where you are needed. Live where you can be a channel of blessing. Live where you are a positive addition to the environment and the society. Live where you are supposed to live. Places are designed according to the kinds of people (in attitude, choices, preferences etc.). Don’t frustrate your life by trying to live in a place that doesn’t rhyme with your life.

Make up your mind of the value you want to add to the world and go where what you have to give is needed. If it is needed but not wanted, all you have to do is a little convincing. But if it is wanted but not needed, you will be celebrated initially and very quickly you’ll be a nobody. Choose a happy life, choose a wise life.

Peace with prosperity be with you


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