Is business about managing scarcity?

How do you tell a man getting some sort of results in life already that he is heading in the wrong direction? How do you tell a woman that has spent over $5,000 directly on her appearance that she is looking ugly? These things are heavy. But they have to be said if love is truly present. Sometimes, trying to make it sound constructive (that is, not so bad) often defeats the purpose of honesty. The people you move with go a long way to determine the quality of your life. Surround yourself with people who can be honest with you. Now that doesn’t mean you should bring critical people into your life. To be honest and to be a critic are two different things. Honesty is in love; criticism is in selfishness, deception or hate.

If I would title this picture, I’ll call it Man vs Civilization. The concept is one that has come to stay. But has life been made better or worse by it? If we scale up points comparing the advantages and disadvantages of civilization, which side will be stronger? Personally, I think the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages but there are certain points in the disadvantages that are very disturbing. The popular point in the disadvantages is the decadence of the earth environment. I believe civilization has very little, if not negligible, to play in the destructive effects on the earth. Many of those things are getting noticed because we now have the instruments and equipments to measure them. I believe it’s been happening for a long time. My point here among the disadvantages of civilization is management.

Profit, businesses and the management of resources. Almost every organization in the world is motivated by profit. And to make profits, you will be shocked by what they don’t do. Think about it, if I have a company supplying oxygen to the world and it’s for sale, the company will definitely be the biggest, richest organization in the world. So, it is in the interest of profit that we make living depend so much on the possession of money. Now, phones are made in such a way that they can’t last up to 5 years, costless privileges come with a charge etc. And you can’t blame some of the companies, they are trying to stay afloat. I tell people, there is abundance in the world. There is enough wealth in the world for every person to live a comfortable life. But just one major thing seems to be standing in the way; maximizing profits.

I laugh when I hear things like a major oil company in the world is investing in the research of alternative energy sources. It sounds so contradicting. As long as those people do it, alternative energy will always be the future and never the present. Not because they are “evil” and “wicked” but because business and profitability must go on the way it has been before. Many of the alternative energy systems have a business structure far less lucrative as the oil business. Why? In the oil business, there is scarcity. And scarcity is the pointer to big profits. And companies function for profits. So, wherever scarcity cannot be managed, profit is low hence, business is bad. And therefore nothing is done about the credible thing that can move the world forward. And if someone tries to do something, the effort is frustrated by those benefiting from the scarcity.

The purpose of saying all these is not to make you see how bad the world is. Instead, I am showing you the direction of the future. If things are going to change, things must first change structurally. The idea that ‘the motive of entrepreneurs is to make profit’ must die. People need to stop killing the world to make profits and then pacify it by some charity schemes. There are organizations that should be made for profits but then there are organizations (that functions as companies) that should not be for profit. By that I do not mean merely ‘not-for-profit’ companies but things like ‘return over investment’ will be forfeited. Before the future we envision can come alive, there has to be some structural changes.

Why am I saying this? I’m saying this to the person in the picture above looking at the financial empires in the world, looking at the profits and luxury, and hence dreaming of the future. Don’t look at them, look at the streets, look at people, look at lives, and dream about the future. You remember the opening thought? I know it can be hard for you to take in, but living just for yourself, your family, your little crew is the wrong direction. Don’t plan to get rich by any possible means. Seek to make life better in reality for people. Don’t think of merely charity when think in this line, rather think more of a full-fledged business responsibility. Selah 


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