Stares, scars and the challenge of progress

I know that stare. I know that look. It says, ‘I need something but I don’t know what it is, can you give it to me?’ I feel people’s pain many times when they have compounded and complicated their lives because they must make “progress” in life. There is yet to be a substitute for patience, but do you want to hear that? My notion has always been simple; I can give you what you need but can you recognize it when you see it?

To be honest, photos like this gets my attention. It’s not really about the splendid camera, it’s about the vision of the photographer. It’s about the overall thought the photo passes across especially when a person is (or people are) involved. There are those who will choose cats or dogs over people any day or time. And some of them can have the point that people are difficult to deal with. There is something at this point I’d love to discuss here but not today. Anyway, I’ll pick people (that is, persons or individuals) over any physical thing any day or time because of the things I know. Many wouldn’t because of their scars. But don’t tell me you don’t feel anything when you see that stare.

If you ask people with such a stare what they need, majority would say it’s money. How they have been deceived. There is such a thing called the great hypnosis of the city. After leaving school to start life, there are some very key things you need. If I’m to make an exhaustive list, it will be up to ten. But one thing I want to let you know is that money is not on that list. In fact, money is the least thing you need to start off in life. It is an almost certain thing that if you have money to start off in life, your priorities will be misplaced. That makes one’s life become a patch up here and there as the years come by. For a good start in life, (even if you have the money, give it away and) start lean and then grow in such a way that your root is always commensurate with your shoot. Money is not the answer. Are you still interested in my answer?

I’ve seen a lot of people write on “secret” formulations into a life of wealth. But I believe many of those things are glaring enough for someone who can pay attention to observe. The problem is that the person with the stare is often not patient (and probably not ready to be patient). But there are two things I’ll implore you to look into if you desire progress in your life, especially progress into the rich life. The first, the people you listen to. The second, the people you surround yourself with and discuss with. What your life will look like 5 years from now depends on these two categories of people. If you consider who those people in that category are at the present moment and you sincerely don’t want what you see, I’d say, be more faithful to your future than you are to your past. Until you decide what you don’t want, what you want may never be clear to you.

For many people currently, today they are with the stare, tomorrow they carry the scar. And if you listen to the reason(s), sometimes it makes a lot of sense. But later it is proved to be folly. My question for you at this point is: do you know what you need?


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