An example for life

There is an interesting story in the bible. It happened when people were beginning to multiply on the face of the earth. The people came together and purposed to build a tower that will go high up into the heavens, as a monument of greatness. I believe you’ve heard the story one way or the other before. But in case you haven’t, the people spoke one language and used the same words. After they began building, God saw what they were doing and he disapproves it. So God scattered the people such that they could not understand themselves anymore and the construction has to stop. That is the traditional story. Now let’s burst the myths of the story.

First point; they were trying to build a city and a tower. Many forget the city part. Second, everybody in the earth at that time was there together. Third, they all spoke the same language and expressed their thoughts in one way only. You know, while growing up we heard that they wanted to build until they got to heaven. Now we know that is impossible. But contextual study makes it clear that their target was the sky. And the reason for that tower is for it to stand as a monument. They don’t want to be scattered across the earth. It was going to be a one world government and the people were determined to have it.

In traditional Christian circles, many believe that God saw the project as a threat to his sovereignty. They think God scattered them because they want to do something that will expose him to mankind. But that is not true when you sit to study it. The first part that caught my attention in that portion was that God came down to consider what they were doing. That’s so touching. Meaning that God saw it from heaven’s perspective and it’s really nothing significant. But because of his interest, he came down to look at what was really happening. And what did he see?

God is the creator, the visionary of mankind. If that is true, then he must know man more than man knows himself. When God came to see, he noticed something. We can know what he saw and thought by his verdict on the project. First, the people were united (in thought and purpose). Second, they spoke one language. Now, the project they chose to embark on is this city and tower. As long as the people are united (in thought) and speak the same language, the project will definitely be successful. And then, God says for the project not to be successful, let us confound their language so they will not understand each other.

Why did God want the project to fail? Before that did you notice that all God did was to add variety and diversity into their midst. Also did you notice that God didn’t say to confound their language so that they cease to understand each other. No, they didn’t really understand each other initially, the problem was that they had no basis for disagreement. Imagine a language where there is only ‘yes’ and ‘no’. There is no ‘that’s subjective’, ‘let’s think about it’, ‘why?’, ‘not quite’ etc. When God came down to check them, he realized their communication was so narrow and limited, hence easily deceived. Their motive was wrong. Their purpose was wrong. The idea was not even wise (considering the level of technology at that time) and nobody was thinking otherwise. Those fools were going to kill themselves. And remember, there was nobody on the face of the earth that wasn’t among them. They were going to stage their own apocalypse. They weren’t going to give up which means they will all die trying. God had to intervene.

One of the beautiful things about the world we live in today is diversity. If you understand more than one language, you will notice that there are some words in one language that doesn’t have an exact interpretation in the other language. You’ll need to explain it properly for you to really convey the thought of those words. Dynamic growth is a product of diversity. The most developed cities in the world have the most diverse population. God scattered their language to show them they didn’t really understand themselves. You know the interesting thing, they all dispersed and became scattered around the world. That’s how much they disagreed. My point in the story however is the wrong motive of the people. That motive is responsible for the hard life people make for themselves today.

Let us make a name for ourselves. Let us build a monument for ourselves; something to keep us from being scattered abroad. Selfishness. No regard for other aspects of life. This is just an example of how men try to stage their own destruction. The foolish motive of building a city and a monument still continues today and many are helmed in on every side because of it. A country is supposed to be designed for fluidity (in movements, communication and responsibility) and people-to-people relevance. Instead, people are in bondage because of the city, monument and everything the whole idea carries with it. God is not intervening like that today because life today is quite different from how it was then. But believe me, God is speaking. Blessed are those who listen. 

Life is much more beyond a group of people living together. Many of the undeveloped places in the world today (that ought to have been developed) are the way they are because of selfishness. Nobody decides to make the sacrifice that will benefit the whole community. And it is everywhere in different forms. In the man who wants to be rich no matter how many people he has to harm, in the woman who will get to the top no matter  how many people she has to trip off, etc.

God has given us an example. Let us not act like we didn’t hear him. This is not for you to think of the antics of the selfish people you know, rather it is to look inwards and make adjustments. The words you believe are the words you allow to affect your manner of life. God revealed himself to the world by giving (his only son), don’t let the world know you by what you make. Start your life to give – this is my message for you today. Think about it.

**The name of the photographer of the picture above is Prasanth Dasari


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