The City, the monument and lessons from Babel (Part 1)

When you look at pictures like this, what comes to your mind? Wealth? Prosperity? Relevance? Or maybe injustice? Bully? Gamblers? I wrote a post not too long ago titled ‘an example for life’, where I took a story from the bible as a case study. This time, I want to focus more on the story and squeeze out the important lessons for life from it. The information is needed now more than ever. And I hope you will learn a great deal from it. I decided to add a city’s picture in this post to produce an accurate mental assimilation. Don’t see it as something negative or get preconceived notions of evil but stay clear to understand the point. It is important for you get my point nice and clear and I hope you don’t misunderstand me.

The story is often called ‘the tower of Babel’ but it is much more than that. Let’s explore the background a little before we dive into the meat of the story. This event happened after the flood. You remember the flood during the time of Noah. Now the children of Noah began their families and people began to fill the earth once again. Exactly how many generations it was after Noah was not that clear. Although there seems to be some pointer but it’s subjective. But the population, I believe, was more than a hundred if not over a thousand. The population then got to the point where concerns began to grow about the future.

God has a plan for creating people. I believe he does. And if he created people, he knows what he created more than the creation. Remember what he said to Noah and his family when they came out of the ark (after the flood). The earth was theirs. They were to manage and care for it. Not just the earth itself but also everything that lives on the earth. There was a responsibility, there was a task, there was a life, and there was an adventure. So what happened? The years came and passed by. When the population was large enough to move out in batches to explore the world, they decided to build a city to avoid them from scattering around. And also a monument which is a tower to show their greatness.

We have discussed the selfish part in the previous post. Now I want to deal with the physical issue. What’s wrong with building a city? What’s wrong with having a monument? What is wrong about the tower? In the picture above, you see a number of towers. Probably similar to what those people in this story had in mind. If we have those now, have we gone in the direction that God didn’t want those people then to go?

There is something I notice about cities around the world today. The concept and idea of the city is lovely. The pictures and videos seems very nice. But in real life, they carry the worst people. It’s almost like in every city, the city sucks the essence of life out of people. And it seems the more people are submerged in the city, the worse person they become. It’s there you find it normal and common to see broken homes. City people seem to have a lot of options and provisions that normally should make them live happier and more effective lives. But you know the reality, people who live in towns and villages seems to have a much more richer life in story. Cities of the world are getting more and more unfriendly to raise kids with a proper sense of honour, responsibility and life. What’s wrong with building a city?

If those people of Babel had built a city, history would have been different. It was so dangerous then because everybody on the face of the earth was involved and everybody would have been affected by the repercussions. Remember, even after the split up, when God decided to have a friend among people, he chose Abram but he made him a traveller first. Abram (later changed to Abraham) lived in tents and moved from place to place. Why? There is something about the city and the monument. Why was God so against it? First, it begins as a fancy project. Then it grows into a genuine responsibility. Then it becomes an art. Then, it grows into a pride. Then it becomes an obsession. And then, it graduates to a bondage. From a bondage it turns into a maximum prison. From a maximum prison it becomes a burning hell where people are trapped.

[To be continued]

P.S. Just published an educative piece as an ebook recently. If you are curious to know more about the world especially regarding the government and the economy, it’s something worth reading.     (US)    (UK)


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