A lesson in honesty

Have you ever caught yourself using words or phrases that your parents or guardians used on you towards someone else? I made a projection into the future in a particular direction and I discovered that my attitude towards something is lining up with a close “parental figure”. The issue is that it is not something I want to emulate. Avoiding it would mean going in a separate and distinct direction in real life progress. It matters how you succeed. It matters how you made your wealth. It matters what made you rich.

It’s a common practice among many to point out the problems in anything. When you ask of an opinion from someone especially if you indicate you want an honest opinion, all they ever point out is the flaw of it. Let me task your mind a little, can you give me an honest opinion of this blog? (You can if you want to in the comment section). Just think about it; what are the things coming to your mind? Can you see anything remarkably good? Think about it. You know the interesting thing, many under the hypnosis of civilization can easily see the negative but are turned off by the such a remark about themselves or something that relates to them. We are generally drawn towards people who talk about our strength even when they see the areas of weakness. What about honesty then? Has it lost its place?

Honesty is not the declaration of the obvious and glaring fact. That’s because what can be obvious and glaring to you might not be to someone else. And what you assume as negligible can be critical and glaring to another person. That is how lawyers bend the arms of justice; make the glaring negligible and make the negligible glaring. Honesty, however, is very subject to perception. When people say they are being honest, they don’t judge their perception first. What I want to implore you today is to judge your perception first before you declare anything in the name of honesty. Honesty can thus be defined as speaking the fact by what you (decide to) notice. Next time you want to be honest, judge your perception.

The world has become a complex place. Things are not simple and straightforward as before. People have mastered the human traditional behaviour and understand how to tweak it. Companies in the world that are heavily into advertising will show it clearly to you. They appeal to people’s fantasy, use things people can relate to, make the product wear the facade of “meeting a need” and create a fascinating virtual  feeling of the use of their product. What I’m trying to say is that, impression many times is sold. And whatever it is you call fact (in honesty) was actually designed for you. They want you to see and believe so that your honesty can be what they want. Anybody can be made to like or tolerate anything. It’s about how it was presented. So, your honesty is actually dishonesty with a clear conscience if you don’t judge your perception.


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