The city, the monument and lessons from Babel (Part 2)

This is how it looks. Or maybe how it must have really looked. Just that this time it wasn’t destroyed by natural causes over time, but it was discontinued far before completion. The project now lies in ruins and everyone involved in it has dispersed; each one going his own way. It is not a picture of failure, rather it is a picture of the end point of all wrong turns. Some may want to call it an end but it was a good starting point. It reminds me of a verse in the bible; many are the plans in a man’s heart but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.

This is the story of Babel, popularly known as the tower of Babel. First of all, it was called Babel after the whole incident happened. The project didn’t have a name when it was under construction. And if you have read the first part of this post, you will understand that they were building a city and a tower. Many see the tower part but they don’t see the city part. What is wrong about building a city and having a monument? The main question is, what is the purpose of the construction of the city?

The last time we saw how the city makes people imprisoned in life and keeps them that way. And that is the way it is for most places in the world. Can you say you own your country? I’d rather not guess. But can it be said that your country owns you? Think about it. The world is gyrating towards something. I sense there’s about to be another starting point in the next couple of years. Hopefully it will not accompany violence but you can’t stop those who have a death wish and those who would rather die than see a change. Did someone die during the construction of the city and tower of Babel? There was no record. But if the construction got to a reasonable point, it’s almost a certainty that someone must have died. Maybe a number of people have already died. Imagine if the city was complete and the monument stands proud into the sky, it would be said that the city was built on the sweat and blood of certain people. Yes, they gave their lives to the project. But why did they do it? Anybody can give any reason after the whole thing was completed. But will somebody please seek to understand the dead?

What is this place to you? What is earth to you? Was man made for the earth or the earth was made for man? If man was made for the earth, then it means earth owns man. And that means the natural order would be for places to own people. It means that people will be owned and judged by where they were born. Which is what we see in today’s world. But if the earth was made for man, then it means man is in charge of earth. It means man is supposed to dictate for the earth not vice versa. And this means that people are supposed to own and control places not vice versa. I’m made to understand now that most cities in the world don’t like people paying up for properties all at once. They prefer people being in debt one way or the other. It’s good for the city, and the monument stands up for it but what is it doing to people?

I know many people love the way they are owned by places. They love their prison and would even chase away anything that wants to free them. That’s because they’ve become poisoned by information. And it is a rule that whoever has the prevailing information makes the rules. So unless people wake up and wise up, the end won’t be anything good. But this is to the liberty of the person reading; detach from the city.

[To be continued]

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**The photograph above was taken by Russ McCabe


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