The city, the monument and lessons from Babel (Part 3; Conclusion)

There you have it. The tower to the sky to stand as a monument and the city built around it. The only difference this time is; it doesn’t include everybody in the world, there has been an explosion of knowledge making each and every person free to make their own choices, and there is freedom of movement (at least to a large extent). The major problem with Babel is the impact it was going have on the people, especially the future generation. In today’s world however, lack of proper education concerning matters pertaining to life brings the Babel effect into people’s lives.

Living in a small town is very different from living in the city. You can live your life anyhow in a small town and look like a genius. But if you take that same thinking to the city, your life can be shattered beyond arrangement. The city has a completely different structure to life and many lack that understanding. They go to the city expecting it to be like a small town and it is not. Sometimes people are angry and protest (because of democracy) about the conditions of the city. Thoughtful people however look inwards and address their ignorance. There are things the city is not conducive for. But many don’t want to accept that.

If you live in a big city, I strongly advice you to have another house in a town not too far away. Even if you don’t have the means now, keep it in perspective. You may not be able to grasp the reason for that in this short post but you will as time goes on. That advice is very important especially if you have a family. The city is just not conducive for certain things that are vital to a well rounded life. It’s just an advice; you are free to make your own choice. If you recall the part 2 of this post, I ended by saying that it is necessary to detach from the city. There are some things you can never see clearly from within the city. You need to look from the outside to get a proper perspective of what is going on. The city life incorporates a certain hypnosis that deludes people such that they spend their lives over empty and useless things. You want to see people who waste their life, go to the city. The street beggar in the city would definitely live a more productive life in the town or village. He could be a farmer, he can be engaged in local woodwork, he can be a hunter, or even builder. But he is in the city. He has nothing to offer the city and the fact is that the city has nothing to offer him. Hence, he is at the mercy of nice people with some extra money.

The way the towns and villages are structured is very unique. They are small enough to incorporate a new person into their midst and can even help the person up in relevance. But the city is too big and too transaction-minded for that. That was the other wrong issue with Babel, the world of people at that time was not ready for a city. There is a time for everything and there are orders for every event. You don’t go ahead to build a nuclear reactor when you have not yet understood the basic laws of electricity.

In conclusion, Babel got it all wrong. The idea was not sound, the timing (of the idea)  was wrong, the motive was very selfish, the purpose was in the inverse direction of truth, the people were not ready, the stakes were too high, the method was zero. This is many years after Babel and I can only talk to you; don’t make Babel’s errors in your own life. The city and the monument exist today as many places in the world, there is a way life is supposed to be in those places. There are things the city is cool for but there are vital things it plays down. Be wise and make good choices for your own life. The city will never make any good choice for you. Embrace wisdom. Selah

**The photograph above was taken by Pedro Lastra


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