The greatest crime to humanity

The worst and most humiliating thing that can happen to a person is for the person to have nothing doing to be responsible. Every social structure put in place by modernism to encourage the lack of responsibility (on the part of the person) is the greatest crime to humanity.

I think about the disgusting things many people do for money. Someone might say if they had the money they wouldn’t do those things. But you know that is very far from the truth. The problem is that they never have enough money, so they have to continue. In the end, a few of them realize that it’s not about the money rather it’s about what you do that other people find valuable.

People most of the time like to deceive themselves about the reality of life. I’m surprised at the thinking pattern of a lot of people who put themselves in positions where they make decisions for other people. People don’t always know what they need and hence ask for the wrong things a lot. It takes a visionary to see beyond what can be seen. So if you are not a visionary, what are you doing in that position?

When you encourage people to be irresponsible in matters concerning true social relevance, the people will naturally grow to become responsible in inverse social relevance. If you make being truly responsible difficult, then you should be ready to deal with irrelevant responsibilities (false responsibilities people have put on themselves). And that is much more difficult.

If you are in any of those positions or you are planning to be there, I hope you are hearing this. Selah 


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