A letter to the UN

Dear UN,

Don’t stress yourself on eradicating diseases because there will always be new ones

More money will not make poverty go away

The wealth of the government of a country is not the wealth of the people

There is no country in this world where people (no matter how few) are not suffering

Dear UN,

A lizard in Gambia cannot become an alligator in Germany

There are non-profit ventures because there are profit ventures that makes mega profits

School education produces academic qualifications; academic qualifications produces professionals; professionals need a job

There are things you can affect to change but there are other things you can only arrange for in hope

Dear UN,

A discussion with one intelligent person is better than an opinion poll of thousands who don’t really care

Isn’t it wrong for someone who didn’t solve any problem to enjoy other people’s solution?

If you feed a poor man today, be ready to do it again tomorrow

People are not physical bodies; what is life without an adventure


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