The secret of prosperity (2)

Prosperity does not just mean wealth in abundance. Prosperity is also seen in the quality of wealth. The quality of wealth is what the wealth means to you, what you can do with it, how you got it, etc. The quality of wealth is often what gives you social capital. And there are some entries that only social capital can give you. Plan to be prosperous, not just to have excess money. The first thing with being prosperous is learning to put money in its place. If you haven’t read the first part of this post, you should now (before going further).

The second thing you need is to live according to what you learn in the new life. This includes things so diverse that it cannot be expressed in written form like this. But I’ll show you some patterns in that line of thought. Your decisions are going to start going against conventional wisdom. You’ll be making stand alone decisions; decisions that separates you from the crowd. You’ll need to be and you’ll have to be so crazily patient. Let no man deceive you, prosperity does not come by hardwork. Some even make it sound nice that hardwork in the right direction is what produces prosperity. But that is just as wrong. Hardwork is a word that goes with poverty and being average (that is, striving to make ends meet). Hardwork is not something that is enjoyed but something endured. That cannot be the way to prosperity. The way to prosperity is relevance. And the concepts that go along with relevance are right association, opportunities, favour. These are the lines into the life of prosperity. Follow this way and make your life that of ease. 


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