Share your blog: A different approach

I have seen a number of networking events here that seems to promise exposure for participating bloggers. For one reason or the other, I’m not persuaded by the system used to carry out the exercise. I’ve never participated in one so I’m not sure how effective it is. But the setup makes me curious about the true aim of the exercise. So this is going to be different, here’s how:

1. Go to the comment thread

2. Describe the kind of blog you’d like to follow

3. Describe the kind of blog your blog is

4. Reblog this post

5. Come back later to see blogs you might find interesting

That should do.


One thought on “Share your blog: A different approach

  1. So, leading by example.

    Kind of blog I like:
    Blogs by young people on their perspective about life as they live their everyday life. Not something too weird though. Like college students, and even high school students. Something fresh and evolving with a lot perspective.

    Kind of blog I have:
    Changing the mindset, renewing the mind and educating the heart for a happier, better and more successful life. Majorly about being a better person inwardly first, then outwardly.


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