Learn and be rich

Learning takes nothing from you

Time burns but knowledge is born

The fancy is breached

And the bridge appears

Bringing the future into the present



A new expression

So I started this new project; basically to increase the number of rich people in the world and also help those who desire to be helped financially. Here is my perspective: the opposite of poverty is prosperity. So if we want to truly get rid of the poverty problem in the world, then our efforts should be towards inducing prosperity. And this begins by challenging thoughts, ideas and lifestyles that celebrate, magnify and defend poverty in the world.

This is Rich Culture. If you are rich or you’d like to be rich, you will love what we do. Visit our website http://www.richculture.net

Some everyday useful stuffs

Wake up

Turn off alarm

Check phone //no, instead// Smile and speak to the day

Wake your family //no, instead// Have your personal devotion

Personal hygiene

Drag your feet till you’re about to be late //no, instead// set and kickstart a schedule for your first four hours at work

Get stuck in traffic //no, instead// get something done via your phone

Settle in when you get to the office //no, instead// tick two things off your to-do list by the time you get to the office

Share your blog: A different approach

I have seen a number of networking events here that seems to promise exposure for participating bloggers. For one reason or the other, I’m not persuaded by the system used to carry out the exercise. I’ve never participated in one so I’m not sure how effective it is. But the setup makes me curious about the true aim of the exercise. So this is going to be different, here’s how:

1. Go to the comment thread

2. Describe the kind of blog you’d like to follow

3. Describe the kind of blog your blog is

4. Reblog this post

5. Come back later to see blogs you might find interesting

That should do.

The people that disrespect you …

Many times people find themselves in a situation that is terrible. I’m talking about situations where people live in uncomfortable and hostile environments. This is very common. Your adventure in life can take you to trying places such as that. What do you do when you crave respect and you get disrespect time and time again? I made a discovery – the people that disrespect you are the people you don’t appreciate. The people you sincerely appreciate (even when you don’t feel like it) are bound to respect you. Respect is earned, respect is bought, there is no such thing as an entitlement to respect. Position can make you entitled to “respect” out of courtesy, but if you are truly going to get sincere respect, you have to buy it. The cost is simply sincere appreciation.

If the cost is too heavy a price to pay for you, then respect is too expensive for you to have. I was just thinking about it some days ago, I realized there were people around me who could disrespect me but they don’t dare to. Not because I’m scary or fearful but because I appreciate them so much, it will be a shameful thing for them to disrespect me. Learn to do well. What your life turns out to be is your making. For people who cannot dictate the people in their lives at the moment, you can use appreciation to culture the people around you. If someone you are sincerely grateful to turn against you and disrespect you in a big way, just keep your calm. At the end of the day, the one who disrespects becomes the only one to partake in the embarrassment.

I have made up my own life for ease. I’m not ready for stupidity to distract me from my course in life. Make up your mind for the quality of life you want. If someone wants to dig up something dead and buried, leave them there. You go forward with your life. It’s never too late to reach your target. The people you appreciate respects you.

Peace with prosperity be with you

Places don’t change people …

I was among a group of people sometimes ago and they were talking about people and the changes that have happened in their lives. To be specific, they were talking about how they have been affected by university education. They were thinking of who they were before school and who they’ve become now. Then the attention shifted to a particular lady. They had almost come to the conclusion that university education makes people more civilized. And then the lady came up in the conversation. It was said that she is exactly the way she was before she went to school. In fact, they said she even got worse (and she even got bolder in her traditional lifestyle). When everybody is getting upgraded into better versions of themselves, she just was there being the same old same old. And she went in this same university that the others went and got exposure that expanded their thought and lifestyle.

There is a way people change. People don’t change by saying they have changed neither do people change by determining that they will change. You’ve probably heard it from someone before, those empty words that came out because of a situation, only to fall to the ground some days afterwards. Change is constant but you can determine the direction of your change. Places don’t change people, associations do. If you want to tell how your life is going to look like in a few years, look at the key people in your life. It’s very important. If you want to champion a change in the course of your life, you can change where you go to. But the change is only effective if you allow the people in this new place you are going to come into your world. Be careful who you let into your life. If you have friends that don’t understand lines of respect, and they make fun of your vision of the future, you will be stuck in a rut as long as you are with them. If you want to make true progress in life, you have to be more loyal to your future than you are to your past. Be faithful to your future.

There is no true vision of the future that you have that cannot be real. The question is, will you give it what it takes? Believe me, it will take something from you. And if your eyes is on today, you will never see need to make the switch. Think about tomorrow, think about your future, make the right choice concerning associations.

Peace with prosperity be with you

Getting proactive about life

The world has not been fair to people. People are taught fear from their tender ages through school. There is a difference between teaching with fear and teaching fear. Kids at a very young age need to be taught some things with fear. And that is the essence of disciplinary actions which have been made illegal in some countries. Teaching fear on the other hand is something that is indirect. Boldness is a very important part of life. When I read stories of people that have made remarkable things happen in this world, I see many times a moment of boldness. And that is something that is not taught in school. If you give someone the idea to do such a thing, you’ll get the answer ‘am I supposed to do that?’

Life requires taking bold steps. Most importantly, steps that are not by the books. Not that the steps are illegal, but they are completely out of comfort. If you want to get sound, remarkable results in your life, you need to get proactive about life. Be bold. Do bold things. Go to places you’ve not been before. Talk to people you’ve not talked to before.

Someone once said, your network is your net-worth. If you want to change your value and relevance in real life, add better people to the people in your life. Those people will not come and enter your mind while you are in your room. You will have to go out to meet them. Most of the time, you will have to start the conversation. Be bold. That top executive you see almost everyday at the store, start a conversation with him. You can even go strategic by first connecting with his kids or wife which may be easier before you get to your target. It’s not that the person will turn your dust to gold or will give you what you lack, no! The relationship is what you need. Just having an acquaintance who is a top executive can give you a lot of things. You might get the boldness and access to go to a place of opportunity, you might get opportunities, you might get rare information, you can get access to a friend of his that can be of tremendous help to you. Anything can happen. Don’t set your mind to anything in particular but be ready to maximize anything you get. And make sure you are as ready to be of sincere help also.

Changing the circumstances of your life has to do with getting proactive. If you don’t get that bold, life will continue the way it has always been. Your life depends on the people you allow into your life. You can bring anybody into your life. If you are in a tight corner in your life today, make up your mind to add one person (one goodly person) into your life every 15 days. It’s a challenge. Are you willing to take it?

Add one goodly person into your life every 15 days. If you do this you will have added at least 8 goodly people before the end of the year.