The secret of prosperity (2)

Prosperity does not just mean wealth in abundance. Prosperity is also seen in the quality of wealth. The quality of wealth is what the wealth means to you, what you can do with it, how you got it, etc. The quality of wealth is often what gives you social capital. And there are some entries that only social capital can give you. Plan to be prosperous, not just to have excess money. The first thing with being prosperous is learning to put money in its place. If you haven’t read the first part of this post, you should now (before going further).

The second thing you need is to live according to what you learn in the new life. This includes things so diverse that it cannot be expressed in written form like this. But I’ll show you some patterns in that line of thought. Your decisions are going to start going against conventional wisdom. You’ll be making stand alone decisions; decisions that separates you from the crowd. You’ll need to be and you’ll have to be so crazily patient. Let no man deceive you, prosperity does not come by hardwork. Some even make it sound nice that hardwork in the right direction is what produces prosperity. But that is just as wrong. Hardwork is a word that goes with poverty and being average (that is, striving to make ends meet). Hardwork is not something that is enjoyed but something endured. That cannot be the way to prosperity. The way to prosperity is relevance. And the concepts that go along with relevance are right association, opportunities, favour. These are the lines into the life of prosperity. Follow this way and make your life that of ease. 


The secret of prosperity (1)

There are many ways to get wealth. Myriads of people have used many ways through the years that we have seen. Some of them have chronicled their methods to enlighten others. But there’s something that I’ve noticed; all wealth are not the same. There is wealth that takes away the health of a man. There is wealth that takes away a man’s sanity. There is wealth that literally drives a man wild and makes him (or her, of course) lose focus of the important things in life. There is wealth that breeds anxiety. There is wealth that conditions the life of a man to continuous struggle. There is wealth that takes away the value and respect of a man. There is wealth that reduces a man’s life to a game of hide and seek. When the world makes you wealthy, it takes something more important away from you (like what is listed above or other variants of it). And for me, the purpose of wealth is lost if you lose a vital part of yourself in getting it.

Many do not know that it’s possible to be very wealthy and free because of the way they’ve been made to see the society. Let me tell you today, it is very possible to be very wealthy without losing any important part of your life. There are two things involved. The first is breaking away from the lordship of the god of this age. And that includes accepting the lordship of another master. Fortunately, there is only one true source; the living God revealed in the man Jesus. Why Jesus? Because he has a life for you to live. Money seems to be the god of this age. People go to places they don’t like to do what they hate just because of money. How money exercises lordship over people’s lives! The only way to break out of that cycle is to embrace one who has a better life to offer you. And not just identify with him but sit to learn what he really has to offer. And then, the lordship of money will gradually lose a foothold in your mind. When money cannot push you here or there anymore, then you are ready to prosper God’s way. 

Words for life

Hi. It’s been a while. Been busy. Been making impact in the lives of people around me for sure. I hope you’re making progress too in your life. This is an excerpt of a letter I wrote to someone recently. I believe you can learn something significant from there.

I am very pleased to be writing to you. I really appreciate your understanding and your patience that you have decided to hear me out on matters pertaining to your life. I hope the discussions we’ve had before now means something to you. Like I previously said, I talk to you because I consider you a friend. I believe it would be unjust to be pregnant with words for you and to hold back. I talk to you because you are intelligent and also because you have a great future ahead of you.

My concerns about the circumstances surrounding your life now is you. As I have mentioned before, timing is a very important fragment of life. Anyone who understands timing and gets it right always will almost never have a regrettable decision. You are at a crucial point in your life; a very important defining moment. Your decisions in the next 2 – 3 years would determine the next 4 decades of your life. The purpose of having these conversations with you is not to force you to change or to drive you in another direction, rather it is to make you better informed for decision making. I want to give you materials to think with, so that you can have more information to process before you make your decision. This is so that you would not look back and say you didn’t have enough information to process your decision before you made it.

I’m going to be sharing a lot of things in this piece of writing. I believe it’s something you need to read again and again and again for it to really soak in. The question we want to answer is, ‘what more can I do?’ I hope these words mean more than words to you.

Reality of today’s world

We need to lay a foundation in understanding, so we need to talk about this. You are a part of life on earth. You live in an age of systems and there is a system in this world. Society is built on understanding. To lack the understanding about the operations of the society is to be programmed for a life of poverty (that is, a life at the mercy of others). The true meaning of poverty is a life that contributes nothing to the wellbeing of another person (or people).

In today’s world, living has a structure. Many because of democracy have delegated critical part of their life to chance and emptiness because of the false hope they feed themselves about the world’s reality. For example, the government is not saddled with the responsibility of creating jobs for anybody. It is not one of the functions of the government but because people dictate what governance is in democracy, they create these lies for themselves. When people say government should create jobs, ask yourself, what will or should those people be doing? They should just have buildings and offices filled with people who will queue up for salaries at the end of the month? Good life as a member of the society is based on the exchange of value. But many people will rather claim rights, cry for entitlement, etc. People expect the government to play God and get burned by it (i.e. their expectation). But even in the flames, they would not admit responsibility.

You need to know all that so that you can know the understanding someone is talking from when they are talking with/to you. You are responsible for your own life. And your life is going to be an expression of what you know. I know my views are correct because if you believe them, they put you in a position of control. But many would have their life out of their control, so that they can have someone to blame for their failure in life. In life, nothing good (remarkable and sustainable) comes by chance. The default choice of life is never good; it naturally tends to failure. So if you are going to be successful, you’ll have to be proactive.

The world has nothing to offer you. That is a fact you need to come to terms with. Life’s big question is, what do you have to offer the world? This is the reality of the world. And it is more glaring in today’s world than ever. Don’t be carried away by the looks of New York city or the glamour of London or the trends from Dubai, if you don’t have something to offer the societies of those places, it can be as hell as the harshest places on the earth. If you run an NGO, it means you depend on money from other sources. That makes you a taker, not a giver. You don’t make money, neither do you create value. Instead, you create an establishment of dependence. And the hallmark of poverty is dependence.

For clear understanding, there are two kinds of people; assets and liabilities. Assets are people who add value to the world by creating something that improves the wellbeing of another person. Liabilities are people who live off the value that the assets have created. You know one critical problem with the world? Too many liabilities. Liabilities slave themselves (aka work) to live the quality of life they want and desire. Assets think of how they can improve life and go ahead to create something. People actually choose what they become. But they don’t choose by claim or words, the choice is made by the knowledge and information they have. Contrary to what many would say or think, everybody in the world can be an asset. In fact, everybody is supposed to be an asset.

A letter to the UN

Dear UN,

Don’t stress yourself on eradicating diseases because there will always be new ones

More money will not make poverty go away

The wealth of the government of a country is not the wealth of the people

There is no country in this world where people (no matter how few) are not suffering

Dear UN,

A lizard in Gambia cannot become an alligator in Germany

There are non-profit ventures because there are profit ventures that makes mega profits

School education produces academic qualifications; academic qualifications produces professionals; professionals need a job

There are things you can affect to change but there are other things you can only arrange for in hope

Dear UN,

A discussion with one intelligent person is better than an opinion poll of thousands who don’t really care

Isn’t it wrong for someone who didn’t solve any problem to enjoy other people’s solution?

If you feed a poor man today, be ready to do it again tomorrow

People are not physical bodies; what is life without an adventure

The greatest crime to humanity

The worst and most humiliating thing that can happen to a person is for the person to have nothing doing to be responsible. Every social structure put in place by modernism to encourage the lack of responsibility (on the part of the person) is the greatest crime to humanity.

I think about the disgusting things many people do for money. Someone might say if they had the money they wouldn’t do those things. But you know that is very far from the truth. The problem is that they never have enough money, so they have to continue. In the end, a few of them realize that it’s not about the money rather it’s about what you do that other people find valuable.

People most of the time like to deceive themselves about the reality of life. I’m surprised at the thinking pattern of a lot of people who put themselves in positions where they make decisions for other people. People don’t always know what they need and hence ask for the wrong things a lot. It takes a visionary to see beyond what can be seen. So if you are not a visionary, what are you doing in that position?

When you encourage people to be irresponsible in matters concerning true social relevance, the people will naturally grow to become responsible in inverse social relevance. If you make being truly responsible difficult, then you should be ready to deal with irrelevant responsibilities (false responsibilities people have put on themselves). And that is much more difficult.

If you are in any of those positions or you are planning to be there, I hope you are hearing this. Selah 

Why won’t you get drunk?

Why won’t you get drunk?

You wake up every day into the same old routine

Basking in the false hope of a brighter future

Today goes like yesterday, and so does last week and this week

And so the liquor calls, and if it doesn’t, you do

Why won’t you get drunk?

You began your life with the thinking done for you

When you ought to take charge, you left your life to fate

When you saw that fate was mean, you began to blame

And on and on the blaming goes, and so does the liquor flows

Why won’t you get drunk?

When you first heard about God, you didn’t think you should know more

And on you went growing up, thinking it’s not a must

Now you’re 40 and you’re stuck, like car tyres in deep mud

So you sit with alcohol, wondering why you can’t stop

Why won’t you get drunk?

Raised in school, you started with a wishful thinking

‘Paid in full’ was your thought of the life of the city

You never thought of true people-relevance or ‘why am I here?’

Now you can’t tell what you’re missing nor what is making you get drunk

Why won’t you get drunk?

You deceive yourself you want to stop but you avoid the real questions

The government tweaks and you cry without even really knowing why

In search of laughter, you embrace the comfort of the bottle

A decision awaits; life or liquor